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In The Arena

Mar 23, 2020

His passion for authentic relationships helps Bryan Barnett to excel as Mayor of Rochester Hills and as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Even in a time when the nation is without strategy, he continues to lead with integrity.

A simple card game provided community and a career in public service for Bryan Barnett. He hadn’t found inspiration for his scholastic studies until he was invited to join a card game at lunch. It didn’t seem transformation at the time, but he “said yes, met a group of people… That led me to becoming the student body president among the myriad of other leadership roles in the university.” The seemingly simple invitation ended up paving his path into serving his community as a public servant.

Listen to the full interview to hear Bryan Barnett discuss glow in the dark sidewalks, the importance of “being invited,” and how the coronavirus pandemic has caused mayors across the nation to be “In the Arena” together.